Scissor Pendant Necklace

Scissor Pendant Necklace


These cute scissor pendant necklaces add an unusual twist to any outfit!

A cute tibetan silver scissor pendant is decorated with an aluminium rose, a plastic bow cabochon with a sparkling clear crystal, matching crystals and 2 flat back pearls. The scissors hang from a silver coloured metal chain with 24 crystal beads.

Availble in 5 colours

  • Colour


    • Black version: A black aluminium rose, a black plastic bow cabochon, black crystals, black flatback pearls and black crystal beads.
    • Blue version: A blue aluminium rose, a blue plastic bow cabochon, royal blue crystals, pale blue flatback pearls and pale blue crystal beads.
    • Pink version: A dark pink aluminium rose, a hot pink plastic bow cabochon, rose pink crystals, rose pink flatback pearls and pale pink crystal beads.
    • Purple version: A dark purple aluminium rose, a lilac plastic bow cabochon, dark purple crystals, dark purple flatback pearls and pale purple crystal beads.
    • Red version: A red aluminium rose, a red plastic bow cabochon, blood red crystals, red flatback pearls and red crystal beads.
    • Other colours available by custom order
  • Product Details


    The necklace is 34cm (13.4 inches) long

    The scissors are 6cm (2.3 inches long)

    A 5cm (2 inch) extender chain finished with a droplet bead connects to a lobster clasp.

    All handmade in a smoke free home