Jormungand T-Shirt (Alchemy Gothic)

Jormungand T-Shirt (Alchemy Gothic)


A child of the Norse god Loki, Jormungandr, the 'Midgard' or World Serpent is the greatest ouroboros. Encircling the ocean which surrounds the world; should the 'huge monster' release his own tail, the world will be at an end. The serpent's body is engraved with runes upon the front reading "Jormungandr Miogarosormr", which translates to 'Jormundgard the World Serpent'.

In Norse mythology, Jormungandr also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrbooa and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki's three children by Angrbooa-the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungandr-and tossed Jormungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail and therefore received the name World Serpent


Black cotton T-shirt colour printed with Alchemy Studios illustration; with Alchemy England garment label.


Currently available in Medium, Large and Extra Large

  • Product Details

    • Print: Jormungandr, the name of the greatest ouroboros, the Norse legend of the 'Midgard' or World Serpent
  • Garment Care

    • Alchemy branding and care instructions are printed on the inside neck.
  • Size Guide

    • Medium: Chest Size 38"-40" Weight 163g (5.75oz)
    • Large: Chest Size 42"-44" Weight 187g (6.60oz)
    • Extra Large: Chest Size 46"-48" Weight 206g (7.27oz)