Satanic Rosary

Gothic long Satanic rosary necklace


A long rosary ritual necklace, suitable for layering or wearing on its own.

A silver toned metal alloy symbol hangs from chain comprised of 33 large and 78 small glass rondelle beads. Available in several colour combinations.

  • Product Details

    • The necklace measures appropriately 51.5cm long.
    • The total chain length is 91cm.
    • The Sigil of Brimstone measures 3.1cm by 2.4cm
    • The Sigil of Lucifer measures 2cm by 2.8cm.
    • The Unicursal Hexagram measures 2.1cm by 2.7cm
    • The Inverted pentagram measures 2.8cm by 2.6cm
    • A 5cm extender chain finished with a droplet bead connects to a lobster clasp.

    Due to the availability of supplies, occasionally the size and colour of any part of this item may vary. The colour of this piece may appear slightly different due to your monitor, brightness or colour settings.

    All handmade in a smoke free home

  • Style Options

    Available in the following colours-

    Large bead:

    • Black
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Montana (blue/grey)

    Small bead:

    • Black
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Montana
    • Glitter Purple (purple with glitter finish on one side)

    Symbol Options:

    • Sigil of Brimstone (a curling infinity sign with a double cross above, also known as the sulfur cross)
    • Sigil of Lucifer (the sign of Lucifer, commonly used in Satanism)
    • Unicursal Hexagram (the 6 pointed star)
    • Inverted pentagram (the 5 elements, reversed)