Gothic long multi rosary blue moon necklace

Gothic long multi rosary blue moon necklace


A blue moon themed piece with multiple chains and charms.

The rosaries are listed once made as each one is unique, with updated photos. Each rosary has different charms and bead colours as detailed below.

17 tibetan silver charms hang from a multi layered bead and chain rosary style necklace.

  • Product Details

    • The first outer rosary style layer has 81 4mm acrylic royal blue crystal beads and 6 charms, on a silver chain. The charms include 2 crescent moons with blue crystals, a hollow crescent moon, a sideways crescent moon, a blue teardrop pendant and a crescent moon with star. The length is 54.8cm
    • The second silver chain has 5 charms. The charms include a filigree moon, a tiny crescent moon, a gold and blue enamel moon and star, a small hollow crescent moon and a tiny sideways crescent moon. The length is 42cm
    • The third silver chain has 5 charms. The charms include a tiny moon with a blue teardrop bead, a tiny hollow outline moon, an ornate metal curved moon with a central moonstone, a tiny crescent moon and a crescent moon set with clear crystals. The length is 35cm
    • The fourth and inner chain has a single central imitation lapis lazuli crystal pendant. The length is 28cm

    A 5cm extender chain finished with a droplet bead connects to a lobster clasp.

    Due to the availability of supplies, occasionally the size and colour of any part of this item may vary. The colour of this piece may appear slightly different due to your monitor, brightness or colour settings.

    All handmade in a smoke free home