Dragon Scale/ Mermaid Earrings

Dragon Scale/ Mermaid Earrings

A pair of shimmery scale cameo earrings. Is it dragon skin scale or the fin scales of a mermaid?

A bronze cameo frame is set with a round scale cameo. The cameo hangs from a silver coloured earring hook.
  • Colour Options

    Available in 7 colours:

    • Red/Blue/Green: Light blue scales blended with red and green
    • Dark Blue: Dark blue scales blended with turquoise
    • Pink: Light pink scales blended with iridescent colour
    • Lilac: Light purple scales blended with iridescent colour
    • Yellow: Light yellow scales blended with warm orange
    • Green: Sea green scales blended with blue
    • NEW Silver: Metallic silver scales


  • Product Details

    The cameos are 1.8cm (0.8 inch) by 1.2cm (0.4 inch)

    All handmade in a smoke free home