Dragon Mermaid Scale Adjustable Cameo Ring

Dragon Mermaid Scale Adjustable Cameo Ring


An adjustable silver tone metal cameo ring set with an oval resin scale cabochon.

Available in 10 colours

  • Colour Options

    Available in 10 colours:

    1 - Red/Blue/Green: Light blue scales blended with red and green
    2 - Black: Pure black scales
    3 - Yellow: Light yellow scales blended with warm orange
    4 - Red: Warm red and pink scales
    5 -  Pearlised Rainbow: multicoloured white based scales
    6 - Rainbow: multicoloured opaque scales
    7 -  Dark Blue: Dark blue scales blended with turquoise
    8 - Light Silver: Metallic silver scales
    9 - Dark Silver: Metallic silver scales
    10 - Light Blue: purple scales blended with blue

  • Product Details

    The cameos are 2.5cm by 2cm  . The original size for the ring band is 5.5cm and it can expand by 1cm

    All metal is metal alloy and lead and nickel free

    All handmade in a smoke free home