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Established in January 2013, Blood & Stars was born from a love of gothic culture and an obsession with jewellery. After our Halloween wedding where a lot of the preparations had been DIY'd, I decided to carrying on creating items for my own use and after that to start Blood & Stars.


Our aim for Blood & Stars is to provide a range of unique and wearable pieces, suitable for day to day or special occasions.


Starting with a small stall in a local shopping centre, we now stock a large range of our own handmade designs including our popular tiaras, eye catching rosaries and many other styles of accessories. We also expanded to include products from gothic and alternative brands including Nemesis Now, Alchemy Gothic, Fantasmagoria and Stargazer.

As well as our online store here and on Etsy, we also have stalls at local events including The New Forest Fairy Festival and Pagan Pride South.


Interested in the dark side of life from an early age, I embraced the goth subculture in my teens. I enjoyed making clothes and jewellery for myself during this time due to the lack of items available on the high street (online shopping did not exist back then!)


I completed a Fashion degree at my local university, graduating in mid 2005 and took a follow up course in Visual Merchandising in 2012.

My inspiration mainly comes from gothic subculture, music, media and art. Other influences include nature, the occult, horror works and fantasy worlds.

I currently live in the south of England with my family and black cat.